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Book of Mormon and DNA Studies Part One

Book of Mormon and DNA Studies Part One Off the bat, I feel like this one doesn't really fit into the same theme of answering the question, "Is the church hiding stuff?" So I'm going to approach this topic a little differently. For part one, I'll try to go through what I already know about this topic, my feelings, and my opinions on it before doing further research. In part two, I'll go over the Gospel Topics Essay and point out anything new I learned from it. I've already looked at the essay a little bit, and I already know there is a lot of new stuff for me in there, because I am not a microbiologist. I did a semester of Biotech as a concurrent enrollment class in high school, so I don't know nothing about DNA [1] , but I also don't know a lot. Consequently, I don't know that I will have enough authority to say if it holds water or not. I don't think I'll be talking about how I didn't grow up hearin

True Origins of the Book of Mormon Revealed

True Origins of the Book of Mormon Revealed Joseph Smith occasionally would meet with an old man that lived near Joseph’s home [1] . In his late teenage years Joseph met several times [2] with this old man who would tell Joseph stories from when he was younger. On at least one of these occasions, he told Joseph about a manuscript that he and his father had been writing [3] . In perhaps a moment of vulnerability the old man confided in Joseph that there had been some delays in finishing the text when his father had died [4] and between that and some other family drama [5] , he had been unable to publish the manuscript [6] . After gaining this old man’s trust, Joseph convinced him to give him the manuscript [7] . In one account, Joseph showed the old man’s manuscript to a group of his family members and close associates, including his father and two of his brothers, and confided in them that he had essentially just copied the text for the Book of Mormon