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Spiritual Nutrition

The following is a talk I gave in sacrament meeting today. Spiritual Nourishment Today I will be speaking about spiritual nourishment, and I'll be drawing on President Faust's talk from October 2006 [1] for inspiration. In his talk he shared a number of stories of people that found important spiritual nutrients as they followed the teachings of the Savior. Some of the nutrients he focused on were faith, repentance, building a testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and selfless service. Today instead of focusing on a prescribed list of things that we ought to do nourish our spirits, I want to look at some principles that I have found helpful for me in my own nutritional research [2] that I think might be applicable to spiritual metabolism as well. I hope they will help you as you pick out the spiritual food you most need right now in your life. Filled But Not Nourished President Packer once related a story that illustrated an importa