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Book of Mormon Translation: Part 2

Gospel Topics Essay: Book of Mormon Translation This is part 2 of my perspective of the topic of the Book of Mormon translation : part of my Response to The LDS Gospel Topics Essays: A Scholarly Engagement Objective My purpose in reviewing the Gospel Topics Essays: I want to look over them to see what (if anything) is different from what I was taught growing up in the church. If anything is different I want to explore why it might be different. Finally I want to address if these differences might constitute church leaders hiding the truth from the membership, and if so if there might have been nefarious motives for doing so. I guess I would also address whether or not those nefarious motives (if any) would constitute reason for doubting the divinity of the restoration of the church. Spoiler alert, in the case of presenting the narrative of the how the Book of Mormon was translated, I find it highly improbable that any nefarious or questionable motives