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Book of Mormon Translation Theory

Introduction to Book of Mormon Translation Theory A Preface to Part Three of My Book or Mormon Translation Gospel Topics Essay Review The last two posts about the translation of the Book of Mormon were building up to this moment where I review John-Charles Duffy's [1] review of the Church's Gospel Topics Essay about the translation of the Book of Mormon. I was surprised that his essay focused mostly on the translation process and less on the translation tools. I feel like most of the controversy is surrounding the use of the Seer Stone. But in Duffy's essay he essentially says "Good job acknowledging the Seer Stone, but why didn't you talk more about the translation process." For those of you that, like myself, hadn't put much thought into that topic until now let me give you a quick overview of the theories for the translation process. Mini Part 1 As I stated in part one [2] of this series, from what was in the Gospel